10th Day

Elktra Venaki

Directed by Vassilis Mazomenos, written by Vassilis Mazomenos with Nikos Apiranthitis, featuring Ali Haidari, Ioli Demetriou. 83 mins.

Although this is fiction and not a documentary, the experiences of Ali, an Afghan Muslim migrant in Athens, do reflect the experiences–and the feelings of loss and disconnectedness migrants feels. His life is in limbo–days whiled away in a basement apartment where he sleeps, prays, and eats sparingly what he can afford with the little money he makes selling scrap collected from the streets. His loneliness is alternately relieved and deepened by memories of home, family, his girlfriend and his sense of self preserved by bouts of kick boxing practice behind his home. One of the most poignant scenes involves Ali’s observation of fellow Muslims taking part in the Day of Ashura, the tenth day of Muharram commemorating the martyrdom of Muhammad’s grandson. 10th Day, Mazomenos’s seventh film, was inspired by young Afghan migrant neighbor. It gets its international premiere at the 36th Montreal World Film Festival, which runs to September 3, and has already been preselected for the Fantasporto Film Festival in Portugal next March.

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